Ok, I Adopted The Dog, Now What?
Congratulations and we commend you on helping save the life of a rescue dog. Now the fun begins... Although some rescue dogs will come to your home and grab the first shoe and start chewing it like he owns the place, a lot of rescue dogs will be used to being tossed around and will most likely take a few days to a few months to start showing their true colors. Again, it is best to have your trainer there the first day, or as close to that as possible, so that he can help set up the situation for success.

Here Are A Few Pointers So That You Can Know What To Expect:
1) Don't get too attached to the dog until you have seen what he is all about. It is better to be honest with yourself and honest with the rescue organization regarding what it is you are looking for in a dog and what your expectations are. There may be a possibility that he does not work out with your family or lifestyle and you may need to return him to the organization you adopted him from.
2) Start teaching him from the first moment you bring him home what the rules are. It is NOT necessary for him to 'settle in' before he gets to know the rules.
3) We strongly recommend teaching him the 'go to your place' command from the very beginning, this will minimize his opportunity to make mistakes around the house and will teach him that the entire house is NOT his playground.
4) Very importantly, remember that it is important that your new canine friend not only loves you, but that he also respects you. Because respect is earned, the beginning of that process is to lay down the rules and be very consistent.
5) AND MOST IMPORTANT... call us ASAP and schedule training!

Which Rescues Are Good?
Unfortunately, most rescue organizations do not have a good training program implemented, resulting in dogs being placed without the proper basics. It is a good idea to visit the location and see how the dogs are being housed and cared for. We are not suggesting that the facility be a large expensive one, just that the dogs are being handled and cared for correctly. You should also look for an organization that has a good return policy. Most quality rescue organizations will want the dog back if he doesn't work out with you.

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How do I potty train him?
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How do I stop him from jumping on people?
How do I stop him from barking excessively?
Should I use a create?
What should I do when he growles at me?
How can I stop him from bolting?
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Training should begin immediately after bringing your rescue dog home!!!
Adopting dogs from shelters and rescues is very popular here in California and is gaining popularity across the nation. It is a very good option for those that are seeking a canine companion. Before adopting the dog, there are a few things to take into consideration. Although some dogs are simply surrendered due to problems not pertaining to the dog, most dogs are surrendered because they have some behavioral problem such as excessive barking, destroying things, potty training issues, aggression, etc. We strongly recommend consulting with a professional trainer prior to adopting a dog. Even the best dogs from the best breeders need training. Therefore, training will be essential in the success of coexisting with your new adopted friend!

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