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Jeremy Talamantes

K-9 Behavior Services- Owner
K-9 Assistance Services, Inc. Nonprofit 501(c)(3)- President, Founder
Du Chenil de Loucyn- Vice President- Trainer- Training Decoy
Los Angeles Ring Club (NARA Recognized)- President- Training Decoy
North American Ring Association-  Certified French Ring Decoy
North American Ring Association- Member In Good Standing
North American Ring Association- Board of  Directors- Western Zone Representative- 2009-2010
Southern California Malinois Ringsport Club- Training Decoy- 2004-2009

Current handler, owner, and trainer of:
~Von Lee du Chenil de Loucyn, HOTB, Belgian Malinois (Training for French Ring & Mondio Ring)
~Faux Shaux du Chenil de Loucyn, HOTB, Belgian Malinois (Training for French Ring & Mondio Ring)
~Ping du Chenil de Loucyn, HOTB, Belgian Malinois (Training for French Ring & Mondio Ring)

Previous handler, owner, and trainer of:
~Viking du Chenil de Loucyn, HOTB, Belgian Malinois. Currently working with the California Department of Corrections.
~Snappy du Chenil de Loucyn, HOTB, Belgian Malinois. Currently working with the California Department of Corrections.
~Klippe, HOT, Belgian Malinois. Currently working with the California Department of Corrections.

Jeremy started training dogs at the early age of  12 years old. In a compromising agreement with his mother, he bought his own dog and had to have him trained. His first dog was a German Shepherd Dog named Judas. At 12 years old, Jeremy won his first trophy in his obedience competition with Judas. He was very fortunate to soon discover that his trainer at the time lived across the street from him, this opened the door for him into the interesting and unique world of dog training. His trainer, Mr. Hattig, was an obedience trainer and a bird dog enthusiast, this insight to training was a great opportunity to learn at a very young age that there is more to training than forceful obedience.

Through the years his love for dogs increased and he developed a passion for the art of dog training. Therefore,  Jeremy trained many of his own dogs and helped his neighbors and friends with their K-9 behavioral issues. In 1995 Jeremy began his professional career in dog training, with the opening of K-9 Behavior Services. In 1998 Jeremy chose to enter an apprenticeship with local Los Angeles trainer Mike Herstik of International K-9. Mr. Herstik is very well known for his involvement in “Pups for Peace,” a program financed by donations in the Jewish community to purchase, train, and deploy Detection Dogs for the Israeli army to fight terrorism in Israel. This course study included Advanced Obedience, Personal Protection, Schutzhund, and Detection. With new training skills and a more vast knowledge of how to work with different types of dogs, Jeremy was quickly making a name for himself in Southern California as one of the top “go to” trainers for reliable obedience training and for difficult large breed dogs. At this time Jeremy also discovered the sport of Schutzhund. Through Mike Herstik’s Schutzhund Club, Jeremy was able to learn the techniques of competitive healing, tracking, and bite work. It was at this time Jeremy began to learn what scratch pants, bite sleeves, and yes, ‘bruises’ are.

Because of his love for dogs and his desire to help people, Jeremy founded a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public benefit organization in 2003, K-9 Assistance Services, Inc. Primarily through the help of volunteers, this organization takes unwanted dogs from shelters and rescues, trains them to be Service Dogs, then places them free of charge to approved applicants that would not be able to afford to purchase them. These dogs are trained to perform such tasks such as open and close doors, turn lights on and off, trigger emergency telephone devices, pull wheel chairs, etc. Jeremy has worked with individuals that suffer from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Myasthenia Gravis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and stroke victims. Jeremy is very proud of his work with Service Dogs, has gained many friends from it, and has gain a unique appreciation for life through it.

In 2004 Jeremy discovered his passion, French Ring. It is has been through this unique and extremely difficult protection sport, Jeremy has found what he has been looking for all of the years he has leashed up dogs and worked them. This is a sport that many will undoubtedly call the most difficult sport in the world. Jeremy’s true love is to get into the bite suit and work the dogs. As a training decoy he is able to continue to challenge himself to train and develop young dogs to have the best in speed, endurance and technique. As a trial decoy, he is able to challenge not only himself, but also the competition, handler and dog. Jeremy is currently a NARA certified French Ring decoy, and the president and training decoy for the Los Angeles Ring Club.

It is not only Jeremy Talamantes’ unique approach to dog training that sets his company out from all the rest, it’s also his down to earth attitude and humble character. Jeremy has a calm nature and seems to draw people into his circle with little effort. Many dog trainers today are either too hard on dogs or too soft on them. Jeremy has a way of being firm but always being very fair with the dogs he trains and the people that own them. It is a fact that in today’s society people must do what it takes to make sure they can coexist with their canine friends. Jeremy knows as he approaches the client and the dog that he must perform well and give the client the results they are paying for.

Jeremy has established a company that has an excellent reputation! It has been through his hard work and determination that he has developed a referral base of over 150 pet stores, grooming shops, day cares, boarding facilities, and other pet related businesses. K-9 Behavior Services is recommended by reputable organizations such as The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Muscular Dystrophy Association. Jeremy has had the privilege of having many celebrity clients such as Eddie Murphy and Dr. Dre, to name a couple. He has been seen on many television segments such as The Doctors, Animal Planet, KCAL 9, and Fox 11 news. Jeremy is well known for his T.U.R.D. (Training the Untrainable Rescue Dog) seminars that he gives for individuals involved in dog rescue. These seminars have drawn many people that are involved in dog rescue, including very well known organizations such as Much Love and Bark Avenue. Jeremy also currently writes a dog training column for Dog Days in LA, a reputable dog related magazine in Los Angeles, CA with a circulation of over 80,000.

In 2010, Jeremy was able to make one of his dreams come true, with the aquisition of his new 1,545 acre K-9 training ranch. Sitting in the beautiful rolling hills of Fillmore, CA, only 30 minutes from Beverly Hills, and known for it's choice filming locations of movies such as, Water for Elephants, this is the largest working K-9 training ranch in America! Although there are many phases of development that will be taken over the next few years, the K-9 training ranch is already equipped with helicopter landing pads, live ammunition shooting ranges, and multiple training fields. This accomplishment is a testament to Jeremy's dedication to his vision, his company, his employees, his dogs, and to himself. The ranch has already been used by celebrities, top sport trainers, top protection dog trainers, law enforcement, Search & Rescue teams, and more.

In 2011, Jeremy, with the assistance of Stephanie O'Brien, has decided to expand his nonprofit business, K-9 Assistance Services, Inc. into three separate categories. Since his initial goal of training and placing shelter dogs as Service Dogs for low income disabled people has proven a success, he is currently developing two more categories, Badge Dogs, for raising, training, and placing young dogs with law enforcement agencies, and the T.U.R.D. (Training the Untrainable Rescue Dogs) program, which takes shelter dogs, trains them, and successfully places them in new homes. The expansion and success of Jeremy's philanthropic programs are very important to him and he takes these programs very seriously.

The last few years, Jeremy has focused his time and energy on working side by side with Stephanie O'Brien, mastering his skills of raising and training puppies to young dogs and preparing them for different dog sports and working environments, such as law enforcement and Search & Rescue. He has successfully raised and trained a number of Belgian Malinois to work in various law enforcement areas, such as the California Department of Corrections. Jeremy has a number of dogs actively making finds inside the walls of California's jails, including Viking of du Chenil de Loucyn a Belgian Malinois, Snappy of du Chenil de Loucyn a Belgian Malinois, and Klippe, Belgian Malinois, to name just a few.

Jeremy is very happy with the current state of his company and the direction in which he is headed. He feels very fortunate to have recently partnered with Stephanie O’Brien, a world renowned dog trainer that has a resume so long he had to purchase extra website bandwidth. Stephanie is currently developing and running K-9 Behavior Services’ Protection Dog division. The company is very well known for their superior training and development of Personal, Home, Executive, and Elite Protection Dogs. If you have any questions please feel free to call… 818.216.8960

A Few Of The Many Demos And Events Performed:
~Seminar for the California Department of Corrections K-9 handler teams, K-9 Behavior Services' ranch, May 2011
~K-9 Behavior Services appears on 'The Doctors' TV program.  Authority on dog aggression, Los Angeles, CA October, 2010
~Competition Decoy- NARA French Ring Trial, Hosted by Extreme Ring Dogs, Valley Center, CA, September 2010
~Competition Decoy- NARA French Ring Trial, Hosted by Extreme Ring Dogs, Aguanga, CA, April 2010
~Competition Decoy- NARA French Ring Trial, Hosted by the Arizona Bite Club, Glendale, Arizona, March 2010
~SoCalMal- Host Club For The NARA French Ring Championships, Banning, CA, November 2009
~Competition Decoy- NARA French Ring Trial, Hosted by The Bay Area Ring Club, Ryde, California, September 2009
~Competition Decoy- NARA French Ring Trial, Hosted by NorthWest Suitmen, Seabeck, Washington, July 2009
~Orange County Animal Care Services- French Ring Demo, OC Pet Fair 2009
~Orange County Animal Control - Bite Prevention training for Officers 2008
~T.U.R.D. (Training the Untrainable Rescue Dog) Seminar held at Pussy & Pooch- Two day seminar 2008
~Sepulveda Basin Off Leash Dog Park- Obedience, Service Dog demos 2008
~Orange County Animal Care Services - French Ring Demo, OC Pet Fair 2008
~Best Friend's Animal Society- Obedience, Service Dogs demos 2008
~Orange County Animal Care Services - Bite Prevention training for Explorer Program 2008
~Best Friend's Animal Society- Obedience, Service Dogs demos 2007
~Best Friend's Animal Society- Obedience, Service Dogs demos 2006
~Sepulveda Basin Off Leash Dog Park- Obedience, demo 2005
~Monrovia, CA Pet Fair- French Ring Demo 2005
~Monrovia, CA Elk's Club- Service Dog Demo 2005
~Best Friend's Animal Society- Obedience, Service Dogs demos 2005
~Sepulveda Basin Off Leash Dog Park- Obedience, Search and Rescue demos 2004
~I Love Dogs Expo- Obedience, Service Dog Demo 2003
~San Bernardino Dog Rescue Event- Bite Demo 2002
NorthWest Suitmen French Ring trial September, 2008.
Jeremy Talamantes with French judge Philippe Touy at the 2009 NARA French Ring Western Zone Regional Championships.
A word from Jeremy:
Hello friends, thank you for visiting my personal page and reading my bio. I have spent many years training dogs and always try to learn more so that I can be the best! I have sought out some of the best trainers to meet, train with, and learn from. One of the things I love the most about training is that it is subjective, therefore, leaving room for creativity and advancement. I truly feel that dog training is an art form, and our canvas is very unique because it is alive. I am very proud of my bio and all of the things I have accomplished. I am very excited for 2011! I am positive there will be very exciting things happening for me and the company. I believe strongly that networking is an integral key to success, both personally and professionally. Therefore, please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you might have.

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