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K-9 Behavior Services' Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien & Momo appear on 'The Doctors' as the authority on dog aggression!
KCAL9's show 'The Doctors' goes to K-9 Behavior Services as the authority on dog aggression. This show aired Thursday, October 28th, at 11am on channel 9 (Los Angeles) regarding what to do if you are confronted by or attacked by an aggressive dog. K-9 Behavior Services puts host, Dr. Travis Stork, in a bite suit and has Stephanie O'Brien's Malinois, Momo, attack him from across the stage.

Dog Training and Dog Aggression Is A Problem In Los Angeles And Surrounding Areas!
We have a big problem with dog aggression in Southern California. I attribute this problem to inexperienced dog trainers stepping out of their boundaries as trainers and misleading the general public. We also have a group of unethical dog trainers on television promoting training that is not responsible when dealing with dog aggression. The general public takes their advice as quality training and utilizes what they are teaching, which can result in increased aggression and heightened dominance behaviors.

What Is The Best Way To Deal With Dog Aggression?
Yes, there are multiple approaches and techniques used when dealing with dogs. However, dog aggression is specialized and should never be dealt with by 'All Love and Praise' only. It should never be dealt with by trainers that have experience in obedience only. I have often heard this phrase, 'aggression begets aggression', and have read and listened to many so called 'behaviorists' preach this theory.  Well, yes, our training will beget the aggression that is 'already' in your dog. However, you must draw out this aggression in order to be able to evaluate it and deal with it accordingly. Make no mistake, your dog absolutely will show its aggression to us!

Lets Make 'Who We Are' Clear...
We are licensed and insured professionals that deal with aggressive dogs on a daily basis. Our experience comes from many years of working in the field with very aggressive dogs. I, Jeremy Talamantes, am a certified French Ring decoy, one of the most difficult certifications to get in one of the most difficult protection sports in the world. I have been taking bites from aggressive dogs of all breeds, sizes, shapes, origins, genders, and temperaments for over 15 years. I have worked with dogs in many different protection dog sports, including Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, and French ring. I am very well known by many of the top protection dog trainers and competitors, not only in America, but also other countries. My lead trainer, Stephanie O'Brien, has also worked with aggressive dogs for many years, she has the bruises and scars to prove it. She, as a matter of fact, was almost killed by a Pit Bull by way of displaced/ redirected aggression. Stephanie's bio boasts her travels all over the world, including Belgium and France, to learn more about different training techniques and ways of dealing with different types of dog aggression. Stephanie is a high level French Ring competitor and her skills are known and respected all over the world. In summation, to work with us is to work with the best and our clients will prove it.

Lets Make 'Who We Are Not' Clear...
We are not wannabe dog trainers that boast of internet certifications and embellished accomplishments.
We are not the type of trainers that are going to candy coat your dog's aggression.
We are not the type of trainers that are going to just 'tell you what you want to hear'.
We are not the type of trainers that are going to take your money and then give you excuses later.

What Is The Next Step?
The best thing to do is start with training immediately. ALL dogs will benefit from our dog training, aggressive or not aggressive. Therefore, anybody who owns an aggressive dog should start with training immediately. We have a few different programs to chose from, one of which should fit your budget and lifestyle. Call today for more information and to get started.

We do give aggression evaluations. Our aggression evaluations are very unique and draw out the true aggression that is in your dog. This will enable you and us to give a real evaluation of how violent his aggression is and how workable his aggression truly is. Often times, inexperienced dog trainers do not pull out a dog's aggression, they simply go by what the owner is telling them, resulting in a lack of understanding of the dog's aggression. Therefore, it is important to pull out the aggression in the initial evaluation and begin working with it. Trainers that want to win your dog over with a cookie and make buddies with your dog do not know what they are doing and are way out of their league. 

Does Neutering Really Make A Difference?
There is a real misconception regarding neutering males. Unfortunately, there is only one guarantee... your dog will no longer have his testicles. Behaviorally speaking, it does help in some cases. However, in most cases, a dog's desire and drive to be aggressive will prevail. We are not suggesting that you should not neuter your dog, we are simply stating that you should begin training first.

Please, Lets Not Forget What A Dog Is...
A dog is... well, a dog. Dogs are aggressive by nature, as are many other animals and people. Aggression is a way of communication. Aggression is a way of establishing who is the boss and what you will allow and will not allow. Yes, there is some validity to dominance types of training and there is some validity to raising and training your dog with love and praise. As with anything in life, balance is always one of the keys to success.

Thank you.

Jeremy Talamantes  
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Dog Aggression Info- 
Dog aggression is no joke and should be taken very seriously. Time is of the essence and training should be started ASAP. 

When children are present in a home, always be very careful with all breeds, genders, and ages of dogs. 

Never, say never when dealing with dog aggression. Dogs are simply... dogs. We often give dogs too much credit when it comes to social skills. 

If your dog is showing even the mildest signs of aggression, please call immediately for more information!
ALL dogs have aggression! Although you may not see it very often, it is somewhere inside your dog's list of behaviors. We are one of the few companies that have the knowledge, experience, and skill to be able to pull the aggression out and deal with it accordingly. Most dog trainers in Los Angeles do not know how to truly evaluate, minimize, and manage dog aggression. We have many references from clients we have been very successful with in dealing with their dog's aggression on different levels, and you are welcome to speak to them upon request. From small Yorkies to 100+ pound Pit Bulls, we are the 'go to' in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties for dog aggression. We are now offering dog aggression training in San Francisco Bay Area, Stockton, Modesto, and San Jose area, Folsom, El Dorado, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Carmichael, and Citrus Heights. 
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