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Don't miss K-9 Behavior Services on 'The Doctors'!
Jeremy Talamantes, Stephanie O'Brien & Momo appear on 'The Doctors' as the authority on dog aggression!
KCAL9's show 'The Doctors' goes to K-9 Behavior Services as the authority on dog aggression. Don't miss this show Thursday, October 28th, at 11am on channel 9 (Los Angeles) regarding what to do if you are confronted by or attacked by an aggressive dog. K-9 Behavior Services puts host, Dr. Travis Stork, in a bite suit and has Stephanie O'Brien's Malinois, Momo, attack him from across the stage. Don't miss this exciting episode of 'The Doctors'!  

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K-9 Behavior Services has the knowledge, experience, and the available dogs to answer the needs of the Hollywood's most demanding film requirements. From large attack dogs to some of the cutest little fluffy dogs, the company is always ready and willing to meet the demands of Hollywood's most demanding film requirements. 

K-9 Behavior Services provides, attack dogs, including German Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and more. Also provided are, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and many other breeds inluding mixed dogs. If you have any questions on availability feel free to call. 

When Hollywood needs the best in dog trainers, who do they call? K-9 Behavior Services' is the 'go to' for Hollywood when it comes to the real facts about dog training, dog aggression, protection dogs, attack dogs, doggy boot camps, and all things dog training! Hollywood, for many dog owners, is the source of valuable dog training information and attack dog entertainment. Therefore, the Hollywood entertainment executives need to work with the best. K-9 Behavior Services' Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien have a stellar reputation for being able to provide trained dogs that can perform under even the most stressful situations without any problems. As seen below, K-9 Behavior Services' works with the best of the best and with individuals that are some of the hottest and most popular Hollywood celebrities, including one of the highest paid, the famous and the controversial Charlie Sheen!
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Charlie Sheen Dog Attack!
One of Hollywood's hottest celebrities, Charlie Sheen, calls K-9 Behavior Services to Beverly Hills for the dog attack scene of his latest video!
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Hollywood goes to professional celebrity dog trainers Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien for professionalism and success when the cameras are rolling. 
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How Does K-9 Behavior Services Fit Into Los Angeles Dog Training?
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Hollywood Celebrity, Charlie Sheen, Calls On K-9 Behavior Services' Jeremy Talamantes And Stephanie O'Brien & Momo For His Latest Dog Attack Video!
When Hollywood celebrities want the best of the best in dog training, attack dogs, dog training, doggy boot camps, and dog aggression training, they call on the best in the business for professionalism, performance and reliability... K-9 Behavior Services' Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien with the ever growing in popularity, Momo, the Belgian Malinois!

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Jeremy Talamantes steps in to assist in choreographing the attack scene with Charlie Sheen and to make sure that all were safe on the set while shooting the attack video. Charlie Sheen wore one of Jeremy's attack bite suits and took Momo's punishing grips like a protection dog pro! With some bruising after the attack scene was shot, Charlie Sheen was pumped and excited with such great video footage.

Stephanie O'Brien and her French Ring 2 Belgian Malinois, Momo, have done it again! Momo was used as the attack dog for Charlie Sheen's newest video. Momo, handler owned and trained by world renowned protection dog trainer Stephanie O'Brien, is a large male Belgian Malinois that can perform at a second's notice with people, cameras, lighting, and all of the sound and commotion that surrounds a Hollywood taping. This is a testament to the amazing training of Stephanie O'Brien and her skills at developing and building a protection dog's character.

I guess you can say... Momo likes Tiger's Blood and Adonis DNA, Momo is Winning, and Momo told us, "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin', a total … rock star from Mars." 

We would like to thank Bob Maron, Charlie Sheen, and their crew for the opportunity to work with them and for their courtesy and professionalism.
Jeremy Talamantes was contacted by TMZ to appear on the TMZ Live show as the authority on Celebrity Dog Training in Los Angeles!
Hollywood knows where to turn when it comes to Celebrity Dog Trainers in Los Angeles, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills. With celebrity dog training clients such as Eddie Murphy, Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck, Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz, and more, K-9 Behavior Services' Jeremy Talamantes is the person to call!​ Jeremy has worked with of Hollywood's top celebrities to help them get their dogs under control and be able to walk them in public without their dog causing a scene. Jeremy has also provided some of Hollywood's top famous celebrities with the world's best highly trained protection dogs.​Jeremy is always very discreet and professional when it comes to working with celebrites. However, no matter who he's working, he is always honest and straight forward. Jeremy's goal is to always help his client and not to candy coat any potential problems. 

TMZ called Jeremy to discuss Josh Duhamel and Fergie getting a new dog and hiring TV personality Cesar Milan.
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Contact K-9 Behavior Services today if you want a straight forward and honest evaluation of your dog training situation. Jeremy will take the time to listen to your situation and he will explain to you what is the best way to minimize and manage any issues that you are having. We look forward to hearing from you!