The K-9 Behavior Services' Dog Boarding Experience!
We are proud to offer dog boarding for people in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura counties that is the best of the best! We have kennels, a doggie park, and unlimited space on our 1,545 acres of pristine wilderness. This is a place where dogs can be dogs. It is important for us as professionals that we offer to you a place to take your dog that will allow your dog to have the structure that will build his character, along with the exercise and interaction that stimulate his body, his mind, and his soul. 

We have searched far and wide for the perfect location, and we have found it! Our training ranch is located in Fillmore, CA. It is minutes from the greater Los Angeles area and even closer to Ventura and local cities such as Burbank, Studio City, Thousand Oaks, Oak Park, Ojai, Malibu, and the like. We have endured 15 years of business with people constantly asking us when we are going to offer boarding for their dogs. Now we can boast the largest training ranch in America!!!

How Will My Dog Be Treated When He Is Boarded With You?
During the day he will be rotated in a few different areas on our ranch including our 8,000 square foot 'outdoor' dog park.  He will spend his nights sleeping indoors or outdoors, whichever you prefer. Our indoor building is insulated, heated and air conditioned.

We want to make it clear to you that, "We are a dog training company that offers boarding, we are not a dog boarding facility that offers dog training."  Yes, there is a big difference. We are skilled and knowledgeable trainers that have spent many years training and handling many dogs, from big aggressive dogs to little fluffy dogs. Click here to view our bios. Therefore, when your dog is with us he will not be allowed to be out of control showing dominance to people and other dogs. He will not be allowed to jump all over people and do whatever he wants whenever he wants. He will not be allowed to nuisance bark excessively all day. Yes, your dog will be able to run around and have fun, but it is important that he has some structure while he is with us. 

For many years I have watched people open boarding facilities and allowed the visiting dogs to be out of control, resulting in dog fights and sending dogs home with behavioral problems. I'm sure that their financial bottom line was in the green, but we do not rely on boarding for all of our income. Therefore, we can 'afford' to help your dog understand that he needs to show some courtesy and control when he is with us. 

What Is Wrong With Indoor Boarding Facilities?
Well, there are a lot of things 'wrong' with indoor dog boarding facilities. Indoor facilities are typically cold commercial buildings that have little to no windows for the dogs to even see out of, let alone for them to smell the fresh air. And, putting a flat panel television and a miniature bed in a small room does not make up for a lack of stimulation. Dogs are factually outdoor animals. Dogs love to be outside smelling the fresh air, watching birds and butterflies fly by, rolling in the grass (and we mean real grass, not artificial grass), playing in sprinklers, going on hikes, etc.

Indoor dog boarding facilities can cause potty training issues. Most of these facilities will try to convince you that the dogs are going to the bathroom outside, but it's not always possible for them to get all the dogs outside for potty breaks, and if they do get them out, they can't always stand around for 30 minutes while your dog picks the perfect place to squat. The bottom line is that the dogs are going to the bathroom inside of the building, which can equate to going to the bathroom inside your house. This is a common complaint from people that send their dogs to indoor dog boarding facilities.

What Is Wrong With Free Roam Boarding Facilities?
Although this is a great concept, the reality is that dogs need some structure and should not always be roaming peeing on anything in site, pooping wherever they want, and basically roaming as if life has no structure and no balance. It is important for a dog to have structure in his life, especially when he is at doggy boarding. I have had many clients complaining to me about when they sent their dogs to free roam dog boarding facilities and there dogs come back wild and out of control marking and peeing where ever and when ever they want.

Sorry, But I Have Seen It All Through The Years...
I have seen all the gimmicks out there, and have watched people fall victim to these other so called boarding and training facilities play at their heart strings. From hard core old school dominance trainers that are too hard on dogs, to so called 'Zen master' trainers that cannot get any reliability with dogs. It all boils down to who do you trust is going to not only care for your dog properly, but also give your dog what he needs in a balanced package. At K-9 Behavior Services, we offer it all. We have all the elements that your dog needs in order to be happy when you are away, along with the best training Southern California has to offer, if you choose that route. 

Please, Lets Not Forget What A Dog Is...
A dog is... well, a dog. Too many people have forgotten what a dog is all about and have put them in a category with humans. I started working with dogs because I love dogs for what they are and for what they do. I like it when dogs act obnoxious and get into trouble, it amuses me when a dog steals one of my shirts and runs off with it, I laugh when a dog knocks over things and then runs away from it like it's alive. Come on people, lets get back to the basics. If you send your dog to me for boarding, I will make sure he gets to be, well, a dog. 

Thank you.

Jeremy Talamantes  
dog boarding
Let your dog come and play until he's 'tired'!

We offer dog boarding in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ventura County. Including, dog boarding in Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Porter Ranch, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Ojai, and beyond. 

Dog Boarding Info- 
At K-9 Behavior Services your dog will be handled by well qualified and experienced dog trainers. Our extensive knowledge and experience enables us to make sure all of the dogs are cared for and handled properly.

Your dog will be required to be fully vaccinated, have flea and tick treatment, and you will be required to read and sign an information sheet that explains what your dog will be doing when he is here, how he will be cared for and handled, and what to expect when he returns. 

All of our kennels are on concrete and are completely covered for protection from the sun and rain. 

Please call for information and availability.

We have our own private 8,000 square foot outdoor doggy park where the dogs get to smell the fresh air, bark at our horses, chase butterflies, and run around and stretch their legs! We also have two 20' x 25' outdoor runs that are available on a limited basis at $65 per day.

Dog Boarding Rates:
We typically board dogs that we have already trained because we have a relationship with both the client and the dog. We will consider boarding other dogs, but we have to make sure we are the right fit for those dogs and clients.

$45 Daily- Standard Boarding. 
For all dogs we have previously trained.

$65 Daily- Large Dog Run 20' x 25'.
Limited availability.

$65 Daily- Boarding for aggressive dogs.

We no longer offer pick up and drop off services.

Additional Dogs:
1/2 Price of primary dog if both dogs are boarded together.
*No additional up charges for weekends or holidays.


Yes, we do board intact dogs.
Yes, we do board aggressive dogs.

-We are open 6 days a week, Monday thru Saturday. (By appointment only.) 
Client drop off and pick up- 9a to 7p.
-We are closed on holidays!
-Payment is due when boarding starts.
-We require a $100 deposit for first time boarders. 

Your dog must be current on the following: 
-DHPP (or your vet's variation)
​-Bordatella (kennel cough)
-Flea & Tic prevention
We offer a very unique dog boarding experience in Los Angeles. We have a 1,545 acre training facility. Our facility is designed to give dogs what they need. With all of the indoor dog boarding facilities popping up in Los Angeles, we knew it was necessary to offer a dog boarding facility in Los Angeles that catered to what dogs need, not to what people want their dogs to need. We have kennels that are on concrete for proper cleaning, grassy areas for dogs to play, and 1,545 acres of private roads, streams and stimulation for dogs to enjoy their time when they are with us. We invite you to come, meet us, and visit our facility prior to sending your dog. We also offer pick up and drop off services for your dogs.
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