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A word from Jeremy Talamantes:
Dog Training Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange County

Hello friends, thank you for visiting my personal page and reading my bio. I have spent many years training dogs and always try to learn more so that I can be the best! I have sought out some of the best trainers to meet, train with, and learn from. One of the things I love the most about training is that it is subjective, therefore, leaving room for creativity and advancement. I truly feel that dog training is an art form, and our canvas is very unique because it is alive. I am very proud of my bio and all of the things I have accomplished. I am very excited for the future! I am positive there will be very exciting things happening for me and the company. I believe strongly that networking is an integral key to success, both personally and professionally. Therefore, please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you might have.

Thank you,

Jeremy Talamantes
Las Vegas Dog Training
Dog training Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Mt Charleston, Overton

Myca currently offers dog obedience training, dog aggression training, dog boot camp training, service dog for sale and service dog training, and protection dog training in Henderson, Boulder City, Mt. Charleston, Overton, Mesquite, Spring Valley, Paradise, Whitney Ranch, Green Valley North, Green Valley South, Silverado Ranch, Winchester, Rancho Oakey, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, Downtown Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and South Las Vegas. 

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Qualified Dog Trainers-
K-9 Behavior Services boasts some of the most qualified dog trainers, not only in America, but also in other countries, such as Germany. As the company continues to grow world wide, many highly qualified dog trainers are wanting to to be a part of one of the largest and most successful dog training companies in the world! Sitting on 1,545 acres in the Los Angeles and Ventura area, K-9 Behavior Services trains pet dogs, Protection Dogs, Service Dogs for the disabled, and specializes in training dogs with aggression. K-9 Behavior Services also works with local and government agencies, including the California Department of Corrections. To be a part of K-9 Behavior Services, is to be a part of the best of the best!

Certified Dog Trainers-
At K-9 Behavior Services, we are often asked if our trainers are certified. Although some of our trainers are certified, the problem with most organizations that give certifications for pet dog training, such as CCPDT (Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers), APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), KPCT (Karen Pryor Clicker Training), and ABC (Animal Behavioral College), is that most of their credentials combined with real life training experience, does not come close to matching ours. As a matter of fact, the ABC (Animal Behavioral College) has asked Owner, Jeremy Talamantes, to assist/ mentor/ train, their students local to Los Angeles, which he has declined every time because he does not believe their methods are effective, especially when dealing with serious cases.

Unqualified Dog Trainers-
Southern California is saturated with wannabe unqualified trainers, ones that are either way to hard on dogs and destroy their character, or ones that are way too soft on dogs and can never achieve results that a responsible dog owner will naturally seek. Too often we are called by dog owners that have spent way too much money with trainers that make excuses and can't take their dog to a level of training that is needed for them to happily co-exist with their canine friend. It is important to have the experience, knowledge, and skill to be able to train any dog, any breed, any age, any size, any temperament.
A trainer should be calm and steady, always predictable and fair. One of the primary goals of a good trainer should always be to build the dog's character. A positive trainer will never get emotional and project his personal feelings onto the dog. A trainer should always make decisions based primarily on what is best for the dog to understand what is being asked from him so that he can be allowed the opportunity to learn. Please view the links below and read the bios of our world renowned dog trainers. Feel free to call us so that we can discuss your current situation and put together a program that will get you to where you need to be with your dog. 
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