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Isabell Schafer
Schutzhund German Shepherd Dog Trainer, Germany

K-9 Behavior Services- Exclusive Schutzhund Trainer, German Shepherd Dog Importing
DVG (DHV, VDH and FCI)- Member In Good Standing
HSC Kempen- Member In Good Standing
MV Duisburg Walsum- Aldenrade- Member In Good Standing
DMC (Deutscher Malinois Club- German Malinois Club)- Member In Good Standing

Isabell started training dogs at the early age of 5 years old. Isabell was lucky that her father was very into Schutzhundesport and so she had the opportunity to “grow into Schutzhund” and to handle dogs every day. Isabell has her first experiences in obedience and protection with “Angie von der Flagge”(GSD) and recalls her first training in tracking with “Cliff vom Hammerbachtal” (Rottweiler) at the age of 8 years old. At a very young age, she gained the  trust of her club members and was given the chance to train some of their dogs, (some examples: Arek vom Further Moor (MAL), Bora vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), Cira vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), got breeding female in kennel “from Mike’s Place, Holland)

At the age of just 12 years, Isabell passed her first BH with her GSD female “Gibsie vom Haus Lohe.” One year later, she passed her 2nd title (BH) with her Malinois female “Ria von der schönen Ecke”, who was just 13 months old, with 59 of 60 possible points. Very soon she attained her IPO 1 (Schutzhund 1), IPO 2 and IPO 3 followed, and in 2004 she had the opportunity to start at the National German Championship (DVG) in the category “Youth”. Their best test was 99-92-96=287 and their best individual results were 99 – 95 – 99. Meanwhile, she had raised several puppies and trained them in tracking, obedience and protection. Many of those puppies passed IPO 3 and even got qualified for national championships with their owners.

During all these years, Isabell was not only training dogs, she was learning how to training dogs with different levels of drive,
aggression and “will-to-please”, and she was able to train with some of the best Schutzhund-trainers in Germany, including Edgar Scherkl, Adam Feist, Uwe Schmidt, Antje Remus, Wassilious Broumas, Björn Giesen, Hans and Moni Brings, and she also went to seminar with them, to mention a few. Isabell was mastering the art of working with dogs that their owners almost have given up on because they have to low of drive-levels, are even not “good” enough for protection, or have lost their
complete motivation in obedience. Isabell has stated that her passion is to motivate dogs and to work together, with them, not against them! Although some of the dogs were already selected out for becoming just a family dog, after training them a few sessions and changing their emotion in reference to training, often they became very self-confident and began to feel comfortable in doing what they were supposed to do and were even able to pass IPO1 – 3.

Since 1994, Isabell has passed around 20 titles by herself and has supported a lot of her club members, even to
national German championships from different breed clubs and organizations (DVG, DMC, SV etc.), and of course she also trains her own dogs and competes in national championships.

Isabell is also involved in many local organizations of local and supraregional tests.

Isabell Schafer has trained the following dogs:
~ Arek vom Further Moor (MAL), some obedience and protection sessions
~ Bora vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), obedience and protection training
~ Cira vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), obedience and protection training, now breeding female kennel “from Mike’s Place”, Holland.
~ Ria von der schönen Ecke (MAL), my dog, BH-IPO 3, qualified for national German championship (Youth), best test 99-92-96=287, best individual results 99-95-99, often placed on podium in local Schutzhund club, 4th place local championship.
~ Danae vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), complete training 3 months, breeding female kennel “vom Rheurdter Land”, passes IPO2 and DMC Körung.
~ Düc vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), my father’s dog, support during his whole training, passes IPO3, DMC Körung, Show “SG3”,high placed in local championships (winner, vice, 3rd etc.), 11th place national German championship (90-90-94), 11th place DMC-Championat, best test 100-96-97=293, best individual results 100-96-100.
~ Chucky (Schneider) (MAL), trained from puppy until 10 months, later passes IPO3 and starts at national German championship (DVG).
~ Eyron vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), trained from puppy until 2,5 years, during this time BH, IPO 1 (88-89-99), Show “V”, DMC-Wesenstest, later local championships.
~ Terra des Teutones, trained from puppy until 15 months, DMC-Wesenstest (2nd of the females, auditor: Edgar Scherkl) during this time getting ready for BH, later passes DMC-Körung and gets breeding female “von Bonum Bono.”
~ Blizzy vom Hornbachtal (MAL), trained from puppy until 15 months, during this time getting ready for IPO1, now Security dog in USA.
~ Hi-Tec vom Roten Milan (MAL), Show: V.
~ Hexe vom Roten Milan (MAL), complete training for 2 months.
~ Gianna vom Haus Mecki (MAL), complete training for 6 months including IPO 3, now breeding female in Italy, 4th place national Italian championship.
~ Viper (Dobermann), obedience training 1 month, ready for getting BH-titled.
~ Audry de l’origine de faucon rouge (MAL), complete training for 6 months including IPO 3 (97-96-91), breeding female “de l’origine de faucon rouge.”
~ Alva von der Silberschnauze (MAL), my dog, BH-IPO3, DMC-Wesenstest, DMC-Körung, Show “SG3”, best test 100-90-97=287, best individual results 100-96-99, often 1st place in local Schutzhund clubs, 8th place Championship North Rhine-Westphalia 2010 (88-93-95=276), reserve for national German Championship (DVG), breeding female in my kennel.
~ O’Loca vom Stapperweg (MAL), training from puppy until 14 months, ready for BH-titled.
~ Kasside vom Rheurdter Land (MAL), training from puppy until 17 months, ready for BH-titled.
~ Catta vom Tatzelwurm (GSD), training for 2 months, during this time passing BH and getting ready for IPO1.
~ Zoey vom Cap-Arkona (GSD), training from puppy until 12 months, ready for IPO1, now breeding female in kennel “von Lohmannsheide.”
~ Juno de l’origine de faucon rouge (MAL), support of his training from 6 months until today, passes BH- IPO2 (IPO1: 80-96-98 , IPO 2: 98-84-96=278)
~ CarZa Cullen (MAL), currently in training.

~ Gibsie vom Haus Lohe, training from puppy until 2 years including BH

~ Lasko de la Coquellerie (GSD), SchH3, my father’s dog - support
~ Cora von El Cleraima (GSD), training from puppy until 12 months, later show “VA”
~ Cliff vom Hammerbachtal (Rottweiler), some tracking and obedience sessions

~ Angie von der Flagge (GSD), SchH1, Kkl.2, Training a few months before getting back to her breeder

Schutzhund competition with Isabell Schafer.
Isabell Schafer on training day with her Malinois working on perfecting the Heel (Fuss) exercise.
A word from Isabell:
Thank you so much for reading my bio! I have been training dogs in Schutzhund since I was a young child in Germany. It is with great pleasure that I can now share by passion with people in America. I have spent many years developing the art of balancing my training with my German Shepherds and Malinois so that I can achieve the art of a dog that is obedient and excited to work at the same time. I find that too many trainers are either too hard or too soft on their dogs, resulting in a poor performance. Thanks to K-9 Behavior Services, this is my great opportunity to share with the world my precision and expertise in training. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you.

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Isabell Schafer on training day, building her dog's character through love and praise.