Our Los Angeles Puppy Trainers Are Proven Puppy Raisers!
Jeremy Talamantes and Stephanie O'Brien have spent many years specifically and purposely proving themselves as the best puppy raisers. From law enforcement to the most difficult protections sports, like Mondio Ring and French Ring, to shelter dogs and service dogs for the disabled, time and time again, these two trainers stand out from the crowd. You can view their bios to read about their accomplishments and the specific dogs they have bred, raised, and trained. In a time of wannabe puppy trainers that speak from ignorance and inexperience, it will be refreshing for you to talk to people that have proven their skills and abilities.  

Puppy Aggression Training Los Angeles!
Puppy aggression is widely misunderstood and even more often mistreated. Jeremy And Stephanie are nationally and internationally respected for their selection and work with raising and training puppies. They have bred, raised, and trained puppies and young dogs for individuals and agencies in America, Russia, and Mexico, among many others. It is very important to understand the aggression in a puppy so that it can be socialized out of the puppy or in some cases modified and managed. Typically, socialization is happening between six weeks and six months. In most cases, the puppy training outside of six months will be referred to as, behavior modification. After six months we find that it is very difficult for a puppy to process new things, resulting in the dog defaulting to avoidance and/or aggression. 

How Does The Program Work?
This is a very popular puppy training program and can render great results when approached and executed properly. We require the follow up sessions after your dog is home so that we can make sure the training is successful.
~ We come to your home and meet with you and your family to discuss your puppy's behaviors and what your expectations are for the training program. We will explain the program to you and make suggestions for change to help your puppy be successful when he comes home.
~ Your puppy comes to our training facility for three weeks of training, and an additional week for scheduling the drop off. We will train your puppy for four weeks to make sure that we can achieve some reliability under distractions. At the end of the third week, we will contact you to schedule the drop off.
~ We drop your puppy with a two hour training session. During this session, we will go over a couple important commands and get you started on establishing a new relationship with your puppy. Then, we will come back once a week for an hour for four weeks and train with you and your family to make sure you are on track with your puppy and getting the most out of the training.
~ Because many of our client’s have high profile and demanding lifestyles, this is a very popular training program. We understand the need to have the ‘difficult’ part of the training taken care of for our clients.
* You must participate in all follow up sessions and work your dog according to instructions.

Puppy Boot Camp Obedience Commands:
The standard basic puppy training obedience commands to be taught will be as follows, all commands will be worked under heavy distractions, success of all programs is based on the client's ability and willingness to follow the program...
~ Sit
~ Down
~ Come Here (Recall)
~ Boundaries (No bolting in or out of doors and gates)
~ Heel (Walking nicely on a leash)
~ Place (Go to bed, lay down, and stay, until released)
~ No (Discipline for all undesired behaviors, such as jumping on people, barking excessively, digging, chewing, etc.)
~ Potty training
~ Any additional commands can be discussed and incorporated, depending on the client's expectation. 

Lots Of Love And Praise At Our Puppy Boot Camp Los Angeles!
We understand that it is tough to send your loved companion away for doggy boot camp. Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County are saturated with unqualified and inexperienced puppy trainers. When your puppy is with us for training, we will give lots of love and praise puppy training. We have spent over 20 years in Los Angeles and Ventura perfecting our puppy training skills, and yes, we are pretty darn good at the love and praise craze! The difference is with K-9 Behavior Services, we are professionals and can offer you reliable results under even the heaviest of distractions! After all, you're not paying for fluff, you're paying for results!

Lets Get Down To Puppy Boot Camp Business.
The reality is, you are paying good hard earned money and you want good hard earned results. Like with anything in life, there has to be balance. So, when you call and ask what methods we use, we will respond... A balance of inducive and compulsive methods. We are not reinventing the wheel, we just happen to be very good at what we do. Remember, there are no such things as 'Dog Whisperers'. We will give you all the tools you need to accomplish your goals, it's up to you to use those tools correctly. If you don't use the tools given, you WILL fail.  

Our Puppy Training Methods Are Proven In Los Angeles For Many Years.
The best way to find out if a puppy trainer is as good as he claims, is by talking to his clients first hand. We offer many referrals, ranging from past small puppy clients to current large puppy clients, aggressive mean puppies to friendly obnoxious puppies. We are the best puppy trainers in Los Angeles and Ventura county and we can prove it! Simply call us today and ask for referrals. We will set you up initially with a number of referrals, no matter what kind of training you are seeking. From obedience to protection, and even Service Dogs for the disabled, we are the best! 

How Can You Be Sure Your Puppy Boot Camp Program Works?
All of our puppy training programs are set up to be successful. We require mandatory follow up sessions to make sure we are putting ourselves and you in the hot seat, to make sure the program is being followed correctly and to make sure we are successful. If you do not follow the program... You will fail. We are not here to candy coat the obvious. You have to put the work in to be successful. NO puppy trainer can take your dog and bring your dog back with it acting like a robot. You have to put the work in and establish a new relationship with your puppy. There are no exceptions. 
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Los Angeles puppy trainers Jeremy Talamantes & Stephanie O'Brien 
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There are a lot of unqualified and wannabe puppy trainers out there creating franchises that offer poor puppy training. Take a look at puppy trainer's  credentials, experience, and references. Talk to past and current clients. Ask a lot of questions. A good puppy trainer in the Los Angeles or Ventura area should be willing to take some time with you and make you feel comfortable with him prior to you dropping your hard earned money. Feel free to call us and ask any questions you might have. Thank you. 
A Los Angeles and Ventura County puppy training program must be set up specifically for success. We, at K-9 Behavior Services, have spent over 15 years in the dog training business perfecting this program to make sure we can offer the results responsible dog owners are seeking. We charge a legitimate price, we must offer legitimate results. We have created this page to help you better understand the puppy training program. Please read the following information and call us for any further questions you have. K-9 Behavior Services offers puppy training in the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange county areas. All dog training services are now offered in San Francisco Bay Area, Stockton, Modesto, and San Jose area. 
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